Benefits include

  • Caps that can comfortably cover your expenses or transactions in Lebanon and abroad
  • Empowerment with two Gold cards available: Visa Cresus and MasterCard Elite
  • Transactions will only be debited to your account at the end of the month with no additional fees, offering you maximum financial comfort
  • High quality insurance (excluding ATM transactions) and travel assistance program, MAGELLAN, for VISA CRESUS
  • Local and international SMS alert service
  • Call center available 24/7 
  • Superior security with an electronic microchip





Conditions and Elegibility

Card Cost

Withdrawals commissions

Deferred debit card for instant access to cash via an ATM machine or POS (point of sale)

ATM: USD1,500 per day  POS: card limit


A bank account at BSL

MasterCard Card Cost USD90 Additional card cost: USD70. Visa Card Cost USD125  Additional card cost: USD100

USD1 or 1% from BSL ATM Network  Varies depending on other networks